Past Present Future

by MCAntonym

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MC Antonym - Past Present Future


released November 14, 2015

Produced by MC Antonym, Fid Rizz
Mixed by Mista Min, MC Antonym, Fid Rizz
Mastered by GKG Mastering /



all rights reserved


MCAntonym Munich, Germany

Born in Russia, raised in Germany, raps in english.

First album "Past Present Future" out now!

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Track Name: Engage (Intro)
Earth, year 3039, mankind has not changed but one man has.
1024 years after his obduction from earth MC Antonym is known as King REDDD with a triple D on the capital planet MOLOTUFF, the melting pot of the sonic empire.
On the 30th of september, 11 pm, human president Mr. Ployd Unem receives a transmission about contact with an unidentified object, in the orbit, of planet earth.

Snare gun loaded, full Clip with a Scope attached,
RPG, eight o eight strapped on our backs,
we may come in peace, you know politics,
profits make it easy to forget all your promises,
didn't you forget your promises,
biggest weakness of you earthlings, is your memory,
who's the greatest, who's the latest shit,
It's Molotuff bitch,
Presidents and kings may direct
where the fire burns, but
Once the subbase meets the flames it's
Us who has the word,
Back to the hangar, with your hornets,
This ship is faster, and it's loaded, with
Homing rockets not with atomic causing sonic explosions
Rocking the globus from coldest up to the tropics givin you
Suckers the global warming that you long deserve and nothin but
Naked chicks be left in the politics' mosh, pit,

I got a
Bogey on my six, orders, is it terran, sir
Negative sir, looks like an alien vessel I tried
communication but their language is too complex they sent a
Message I don't understand, looks like invasion, better
Hear for yourself, sending it back to the base, over and out

This is
King Reddd triple D, they call me high-ness,
President of flowcity, king of the rap people,
Emperor to the constellation of sonic reapers, we have
Come to teach you idiots how to lay down, the rifles
Track Name: They Said I Said
Don't do This, they said
Don't do That,
Everywhere I go I see Signs in Red, but
If I Must, I said
If I Must, won't give a
Shit about your Rules, you better Readjust, I
Predict if you Ever Interdict my Shit, I'll do it
Anyway, Watch me, I just Did, they said
You better not Do it, Nah you Can't, I dint
Know I Can't so I just did

It's Eight am guess I dint Hear the Buzz, can't Get my
Ass out the Bed in time, Late for the Job, fuck,
Not again, third Time in a row, shouldn't have
Mixed all that shit last night in the club,
Now I'm getting Lectured on responsibility, my
Boss be getting Fractured with the Secretary Watching me, won't
Shut the gaping Hole on his Face I will kick his Kidneys in, I
Swear I'm Done here and He's ready for Surgery, I
Resign before he Fires me, will Try my luck with Lottery,
Never again will I work for Anyone but Me,
Heading back to the Crib, I put the Beat on Repeat, and rap in One take on the Track to Forget all the Heat, so
Don't tell me What to do I'm a
Prove all of you Wrong, I
Won't be a slave, no I will Not get an office Job, love the
Chase too Much, I love the road Rough,
I'll be Running it Barefoot if I Must


Late night, Drinking, Game time, Winning, glad I
Finally Get to spend this Evening Chilling,
Bro don't Call me, No more Talking, I'm not
Lonely just Alone drinking my Small old forty,
But now how Could I think I'd Just be laying Here relaxing,
On a Saturday when all girls out there clubbin Booties shaking,
Dint you wanna Check out that new Party on that Penthouse lately,
Come on let's Hurry long as They pour welcome Drinks for ladies,
Damn, Here we go, she Already putting Make up, asking,
Which dress, these Shoes or those while Powdering her Nose,
Acting like I'm taking her to the Party of the Century, she
Looking so damn Hot under that Dress in that new Lingerie ben-Ding over the Sink while putting lipstick shiny Pink my dick says
Hi what up I Rip her panties Off without a Blink and she's like
Now is not the Time the cab will Be here any Minute, I
Guess I'm just an Animal giving in to my Instincts,


Why do they
Waste their energy, Tryin changing Me, do I
Tell you how to live, what makes
You better than Me, I made my
Own, decisions learned from my Own, mistakes Did I ask for
Your, opinion no then you Don't, get a Say, it's your
Word, against Mine, and who you Think they gon believe, just cuz it's
Shown on TV, Doesn't make it Right, but who am
I to say what's Right and what's wrong in this society ne-
ver in my life I had to lie To get to where I have come and
I don't plan on Starting now, don't Plan to run for Governor I'll
Stay outta this Game o Thrones and watch the battle From afar
best, Seat in the Theatre we call Life,
one out of Few who knows the Truth and still wants More,
night vision Goggles as I'm Switching off the Lights,
lean back Enjoy this episode of Truman Show,
Fuck what they said I'ma go say Whatever I like
and if I Must I'll take a Minute just to Rip off your red Signs

[Hook 2x]
Track Name: All I Know
Back when I started out with this rap shit
I didn't have much hope
It would ever grow
Never thought it would blow up, get big, had doubts
But look at me now
Only one song out and I'm riding
Like a whistleblower back from hiding
Fuck with me, I shit on you in public
Cuz now that I'm out there, I kill silence
And I mean rhythmic killing with my fiddle
Not with violence, go ahead
Grab my microphone, I'll just switch flow to violin
And I won't idle till a producer gives me instrumental rocket science
I'm a one man army
My own shit's one of the finest
Just sit down, wait and see
Till I holla back from the top
I might flop hard, get knocked down but I
Wont give in, I'll get back up and if you
Fucked with him cuz you thought he got it
Damn, just gets my hopes up every time I hear that shit
Is that all I'm up against
How hard can it get when even the
Worst verse can't get worse than that Rick Ross slime
So I'll keep
Kicking the bass, bashing the snare and spitting the rhymes
There's no stopping me, knock me out and I rise and shine
I'm a hydra, cut off my head
I'll be back with nine
I'm like the tweet that got you fired
Cuz it had pictures of you drunk
I'm like the weed the cops locked you up for
When they found it in your trunk
I'm the dark street you took a run through
And at the corned you got mugged
Or that other week when they broke your nose
Cuz you made fun, well I'm your laughter

Time made me feel different
Stop acting like you know me
Game changed with me in it
Don't act like you didn't notice
Y'all be jelly of the way I navigate through the soundwaves
Y'all be hating for waiting too long to come up with my phrase
Y'all just diss me but kiss my ass, I don't care what you lames say
Long as I'm around I'm a keep going, no slowing down on my lane
All I know's now I'm bigger
All I know's now I'm faster
All I know's now I'm better than most of you fellas climbing that ladder

All I know's that y'all lying bout how
Dope the shit is that y'all smoke
Bout how big the car is that y'all driving
When most of y'all are a hoax
Bragging bout your nine millimeters and your forty-fours
Battle rap with gats, got my forty cal lyrics and
Y'all still feel it five thousand miles away
No way your hollow spit could kill me
Or hollow tips, what's the difference
It's all borrowed shit
One day you'll get this, fact is
Boy it's saddest that I gotta rap it out point blank
For you to understand what the hell I meant
All I know is this
Cats driving lambos for their videos
Finish their nightly sit in the cockpit, shades on
And give it back
Milk their bank account for cash to wave around
And give it back
What the fuck
Give it back
The whole track
Back in the trash
Where it came from
I'll bash your crap out of it's socket
Your whack rap's autocorrect
While mine's like architects, you fake gangsta
Whatch my gadgets skyrocket from my own hangar
Wanna be one of the realest killers
While all you kill is lyricism
Time to grow some wisdom
Fuck it, I'm gon rist it
Plant some swag seeds in this business
Cleanse the bad weeds from my district
Grow them tall like mammoth trees
Chop 'em up, give you a piece for free
All I know is

Track Name: STFU
You tryna
Backstab me, watch
Out what you do, sitting Whispering thinking I
Don't have a clue, go on and
Laugh at me, with you
Weak ass crew, I'ma dis-
arm the situation cuz them rumors all true, yea I just
Play all day, it's what my
Life's all about, I'll keep my
Grind up when I wake up while you still passed out, so let me
Play them games, I'ma
Win each round, I'm high on
Definition while you stuck in clouds,
Yea, try to Frontstab me,
if you wanna Watch me bleed, little Bitces don't just Front on me,
make the Taunt complete, punch some
Holes in me, run some
Lines on beats, better
Get your rhyme book out you'll be needing it,
I'll out rhyme you,
yea I said it, I'll out rhyme you

you better watch out what you're Saying,
Don't forget gossiping can be Dangerous,
long as you talking bout my Family, there ain't no-
Body who's safe from the one man Army,
Hiding with your friends, think you're safe,
that shit is even below Haters,
despite the fact that I don't Listen
they got something to say they Say to my face,

If I was you I Would shut the fuck Up or say the Truth,
Lying little Bitches spreading more Rumors than the News,
Lying for some Fame like a cuckoo lying for Food, if
I was you I Would shut the fuck Up or say the Truth
shut the fuck Up
shut the fuck Up
shut the fuck Up, if
I was you I Would shut the fuck Up or say the Truth

Don't you got
Nothing else to do than
Gossiping bout
What you've seen and
Judging me for
What I've been and the
Shit I did and the
Life I lived? Huh? You're just a
Sad motherfucker
Blew your tyre, no spare wheel in your trunk lookin for help but All you
Get is drunkards,
Stuck in your truck at the gas station while it's raining buckets
That's when I say I guess bad
Luck got you surrounded,
ATM broken, no cash, stomach grumbling, guess you
Gotta suck a trucker dick if you wanna still that hunger, don't
Worry I won't judge ya cuz failure is human,
Remember back in the days when you fucked me Over and then ran
Across the street I guess you dint see that blue van, what goes around comes back around, that
Van ran over you man,
Then you spent two weeks in that cold hospital room, man, I
Even came to visit the next morning round 10 am, but
All you said was fuck you, it was your brother driving, damn
Right it was my Brother with his bitch Karma riding Shotgun, that's
What you get for Biting off more, than you can Chew, wasting
Lifetime poking Your nose into Shit that ain't concerning you,
who I fucked with, Who I broke up with or my
Girl being black, cuz I'm Tryna be different, same
Bullshit different Day all I gotta say, is One or the other
Way, Karma will repay, zero tolerance for fake



[Outro 2x]
you shall not, talk shit, bout, who Is not you,
you shall not, let envy, be your downfall,
if you do, you, shall, be in them ruins too,
Better be safe, and don't say nothing at all, at all
Track Name: Shrooms
chillin on the roof, top, two, bottles empty,
what a crazy night I got, her, body heavenly,
got so thirsty left her sleeping, Text, To my brother,
if you hurry we could meet, smoke, some shit together,
Hardly waiting, .minute later, and my Phone vibratin,
shiiit, bro, that, hoe, got, Moves crazy,
sup man I'm on the way, and her Legs still shakin,
Where you at, .saw a cab, paid extra for racin,
ETA eight, minutes rollin reefa on the back,seat,
might be there just in time before sun, stops, concealing,
Hangin up now, battery almost dead, See ya there,
UGK from the Boom,box, filling my Eardrums getting Motivated,
no pen, No pad, getting my phone out, just Can't be lazy,
new track almost Done, deal a,Nother verse, and it's Back to baking,
sweet, scent, of a girl, while she walkin past me,
take a sip, and a smoke, of some Fine tobacco,

I'm Drowning in colors high off substances I don't even know,
Just let it go, fuck all yo, insecurities,
It's, all , cool,
on, these, Shrooms,
This ain't the right time to talk bout,
just about anything,
Tell me, can't, you, See,
I'm, so, Full,
from, these, Shrooms,

Heeey, that's ma man, dawg, sit Down, enjoy, got an
Ice cold beer for the Hard worker, .that's right that bitch a squirter,
Pass the shit So small it's almost gone anything Else we can get high On, You bet
Got a bag o shrooms, it's the Last thing I remember Happenin on this Planet, yea,
what's Happening, what's Happening
where Am I,
Sun keeps hiding changing Colors, errything Around me is starting to Fly, got no
Wings but the altitude's High, air so Fresh but I'm smellin Spices,
they say space such a Cold place, but my Blood so hot running Through my veins I got
All the feelings up in my Brain, at the same Time, forgot my Name, damn,
Anyway, I'm a Human being, and the most Advanced too, Jumping in faster than Light speed to other Systems, extraterrestrial back
To where I'm from where you Can see the sound, with
Your own two eyes, just
Like the Aurora that's Cuz all the birds of my Planet sing In sync Like an ensemble,
I feel at Home now, I feel at Home now
oh shit, I think I Zoned out,


[Verse Rufus Ham]
when the world's, bout to extinct, we keep livin it with the
Black, liver, ,resurrect, still intact, shiver and
Reminisce all the things we've had,
leave, it in the
past, to, forget all the Heat and drag, fly ya soul, or go crawl enter,
another dimension, adept their Craft can't, release the tension, comprehend their vengeance,
All u gotta do, is, spread the wisdom the confidence, the wish for richness
let them Wings, grow, trick, ur mind, and smoke, till, the, trees are comin On all fours, purple
haze In those days levitate, feel
what I see, in the, wind I'll be, the one who
Shields your heartbeat, From, but don't, mix the fungi, with the green,

Track Name: Reason
That's the reason why I Wake in the morning, that's the Reason why I still, don't, . need nobody tellin
Me how to grow fuck, off, That I know, got it all, Figured out, everybody Following, even though,
Everybody wanna be a Leader, leader, but ain't nobody wanna Get they shirt, dirty
they want a job to pay they Bills and fancy restaurants, but ain't nobody wanna Work, now, here we go,
Love what I do, love what I Did before, rap, I could Switch, jobs, every Day, like Underwear, the
Day I dunno what to do, with myself, still, Needs inventing on an agenda twenty four seven,
Erryone out celebrating the night with the Glasses up high he's presenting his features,
She joins the game throwing Back the long hair while she's Arching her back it must Be mating season, and
I'm stuck in creativity,

damn that's my new profession

Why, you still complaining, oh you jealous cuz you Can't, do, that ain't got enough, con-trast, in your
Life, too, bad, can't, Help you with that, I don't Do, photoshop, staying True, till I drop, till the
Golden hand of midas running Out of ammunition I'ma Touch, everything don't give a Fuck, if you listen gimme
One, hour, I'll be there, With a product so, hot, Errybody stand in line, like I'm selling Hot dogs
Uh, vegans and vegetarians, all the same, . errybody goin Crazy, same my name,
I'll get them asking for a Steak, no, skip the salad, Feeling like I'm Trevor Phillips, On a rampage,
I'm my own boss I'm the One I givin orders don't Need your opinion you Won't understand,
Scared to invest you won't Get anywhere if you Don't go all in I will Learn from your failure, and
I'm stuck in creativity,


rise up high, like Icarus fucked a Phoenix only
Difference we gettin big like solar eclipse Louis
Fourteenth, feeding my entourage only the nicest,
For free, money ain't hurting me see me smiling,
redefinition of yolo this life is priceless,
this hip hop music is what makes my life the high, life,
Erryone exhale, .clouds all around me,
Erryone snappin pictures but nothing's on the hard drive,
we going through life, don't see no problems
they all uploaded in clouds, third party service,
Careful bout what you claim that you know, and you don't,
never heard my name, Enter Google slowly,
so that nobody hears you, . when you asking,
Cuz I know they gon wonder why you don't know a classic
I'm stuck in creativity,

Track Name: Out Of Time
Once upon a time there was a baby boy
Number two in the family picked a special toy
Back when life was nothing but sleep, eat and play
He spent night and daylight playing his favorite game
While the neighbor's kids were dreaming fairytales
He earned a skill which would later change his fate
Learned the ways of winning the race of the music game
Dad said you gotta start running in your early days
There's cats out there who play fair and work hard
But they're rare and usually don't just lurk in the dark
To snatch your watch and chain or put a slug in your brain
They can be seen on the streets taking a walk in the rain
Sit in the sun in lunch break falling in love with time
Or simply putting their situation into rhythm and rhyme
See it ain't got to shine to be worth a line
The most glittering diamond won't be seen by the blind

I close my eyes and listen
To the ticking sound of the time I'm given
Like the beating heart in me, I'm living
Till it runs out in the end
Can't go to sleep
Cuz sleep is a waste
Gotta outrace my pacemaker
Gotta stay awake
The bucket list grows daily
Can't afford a break
Before time runs out in the end

Twelve years later
As baby boy turns sixteen
Toys and fun have turned into daily routine
But on the big screen he keeps chasing the same old dream
There's no time to lean back he knows he can't give in
Can't take a nap, chilling in the lab smoking crack
Won't make his rap filling his bags with lots paychecks
Notes to cash, only subject he's ever been good at
Never stop trying except by ending up dead
As we grow up as kids
Untouched by the politic's tricks
We set our goals up in athletics or aeronautics
They want to circumcise our lives
Immoralize our minds
Manipulate with their lies
Trying to give love a new price
Somewhere along the path to success
People lose heart cuz it's hard to keep your mind off the money when money corrupts
May God give me hope
Cuz hope is enough
I may not have a gold chain
But I still got love


March, nineteenth, two thousand thirteen,
It's been a year since I started
Living my dream
One year ago I decided to write down what I feel
A year that made me love unconditionally
Cuz I had written the soundtrack to my life in the wrong key but now I'm editing
Never liked it anyway
Could never let you see what I feel through four strings of steel so
Like it or not
Hip hop is the new me
And at the place I called home rap was dead but never got buried
So the swag found its corpse and fed itself on it
Now it's so fatted and finally ready to get slaughtered
It's time to bring the art of rap back to it's former glory
And I'm rushing to the frontier of this war I chose
Ready to chop every critic's head off who's trying to oppose
My old life sacrificed
A skeleton in the closet
I ain't rapping for profit for there's a black hole in my wallet

[Hook 2x]
Track Name: Home
There's nothing that ever could make me go back
Past stays in the past no matter what it unfolded,
Eyes stay on the road and I don't care where I'm going,
Life just a story but most of it wasn't told yet

Came a long way, here to stay, it took a Long Time,
nobody wanted us here, it was political,
Wade through the rain, mom's ashamed, in this Asylum,
even my father was scared, it's a refugee camp,
New beginnings always knock you down to the floor, lost your hope,
we kids kept asking mommy What's going on, like if she
Told us, me And my big brother who was four, could help them
Get outta this mess not knowing What we asking For,
were they wrong, to leave the Old life behind, jump into
Cold water full of unknown predators being blind, like
but you don't ever speak the language, how do you plan with
a wife that's pregnant and two kids to feed already,
got no friends to call, don't Even have a phone,
you don't have a job, You don't have a Car,
what about the cops, Where is your passport,
this ain't home, you're illegal this is a war zone,
All those questions daddy left alone without backup, mommy
Only knows how to teach the piano, need food On our table,
and education first lesson no time for being racist,
Only people breaking the bread with us, Peacefully,
Arabs, Turks, with Wives concealed, Cro-
atians and Serbians from the war torn east, even
Greeks seeking their dreams just like the Vietnamese
the west really didn't make it easy for Us, new people

[Hook 2x]

Now let's take a walk trough my new home, wow, beautiful
I'm not the only one new in school,
I'm another dude with no roots and,
Half class is muslim, my first friend called Mahmud,
we had turkish barbeque on the balcony fifth floor,
Then all the kids and all the kids's cousins sisters and brothers taking
Turns on the couch, who's up to play the next round,
Super Nintendo nonstop, till my eyes fall out,
My mom's like kids get out and play stop staring into that box,
Then it's soccer till late, I'm fast but just cannot aim,
It doesn't matter though all I care is I'm part of the game,
So please indulge me cuz I can say that no matter your position,
You can't judge me, I'm your Sensei cuz I'm better, it's my mission,
To educate you and your nations' whole population I'll make you
Switch off the forty inch and go talk to your neighbors and learn to
Love the diversity of creation, no races twenty fifteen,
superiority's not caucasian


Mama, Daddy said don't talk to no strangers, but we
Gotta get home, too far to walk with a baby and we have
No car, hitchhiking our one only chance, we've come a
Long way wrote this song to show my parents I'm grateful


[Outro 2x]
And I don't wanna show you
All the things and all mistakes in my life that I've ever done
Track Name: Fun-K
Born a villain raised a Christian sinner
In the center burned the limits of tradition,
Churned a wind of shit amidst of racists,
Livin in, the west, lookin like Ivan
no, my kids, won't be destined by the Bible,
the world I'm leaving them in, will, be smarter,
and yea it will be harder, but
Fifty years from now white skin, will be darker, I'll
Make sure of that, embarrass the trend-setters,
Got a big pot, to cook in made it my job
White and black genes, east and west culture,
Mixed, and well minced, they end up in a blender,
we'll think back, laugh at history,
No granddad's like you did this to me,
and I ain't even from the projects or From the ghetto,
but now that I'm a rapper they think I got guns in store,
it's cool to have some dough but what you think I'm in it for,
I've always told you it's the music, And the hoes,

Tryna have fun, those glasses,
All work done, so empty,
Night's still young, no stressin,
Lemme turn up the funk and they be fillin up
Funk, gimme that,
Funk, I need that,
Funk, that rhythm,
Funk, is my water,

Erryone's at war, seems, like all, we need, is
Fight, music, battlin to make our rights, human
make sure everyone knows what side, you choosin,
who's wearin red, who's white, who's blue,
Fuck, that, shit, I'm Leavin,
Wanna know which side, watch, my middlefinger,
Ten, shots, killed, and talkin about religion,
Who the fuck you kiddin come on sober up your system,
Made a funky beat, just to Spread, my message, check the
Inbox, attractive envelope, boom, letterbomb
it's about how you wrap it, ,and not the rhyme pattern,
but listen longer and you turn into an expert,
three years, Full of practice, ,yea, that's How I did it
Similar to hungry lions finally being tossed a victim,
Now they asking, what's reason,
my Motivation,
the music, the hoes, The calling for Something greater,

[Hook 4x]
Track Name: Creatures
I'm ready, armor, taken, naked, standing to receive your, shot, but I'll
Keep on, spea-king, Kill my, singin, I'll, live, on, you can't kill my, art, you're bout to
Get crushed,
Mashed up, with the
Past junk,
shut the Fuck up, yall Gettin me numb

They say I
Sound, like yela, well duh, a white, Rapper,
Thanx, I'll take it as a compliment,
even though You mean I could never spit like Nas did,
Prolly need to try, harder, ,rap, faster, Write, more, conscious to get to the next, level,
Multi syllable compound, rhymes, the new, standard,
Mixed, with smart name drops, the way Lil Wayne does, but
Then, that's mainstream, the real art, ain't seen,
Stay underground, battle abundant enemies, that's
Keepin real not sellin out to the industry, fuck
Drake, he's fake, got ghostwriters AND is Canadian, on
Top of that he only be whinin about his feelings, we need
Real rap but then everyone knows hip hop is dead, no-
Body is rhymin that real, shit, no more, bout
Whites, and blacks, now we got iggy and all this trap, and
on the other side, young, thug's, gay, cats, what has the
World come to, remember the golden age, oh
those were the times, Yea, Back in those days,

Sad, Little, Whining, Creatures always
Got a lotta shit, to complain about,
This, Planet, Keeps, Turning no matter
your tempo, , it ain't Slowin down, you're bout to
get crushed, mashed up, with the
Past junk, turned into new shit so we can Have fun
I, don't, give, one,
Fuck about where you put me on Your, top, five

Critics, self, pro-claimed, you so, rigid,
Lack, of, frame's, why no-one looks at yo, pictures,
Givin out lec-tures bitch who made you a tea-cher, won't
Teach, a pit-bull, to sit, still, still, foolin
People to think you're Dickens, when you spit chick-lit,
Aww that hurt, like salt, on muscle tissue, and
Those are just words, they burn cuz you know I've been true, cuz while
You're on your Mac book, with dre's, headphones,
Breaking yo neck, over why Tupac's the best, hova and
Kanye so whack, I've almost written four tracks to show why
I am the next, goat, while You disrespect, those,
Rap, poets, And the success, Lord, blessed, em with,
I keep my friends, close and family closest but
I, won't, lose my foes out of focus I'll
look at the sky and the stars where I'm determined to get
The Promised land T O P, see the
Wires already, barbed, lamar's prophecy, pace,
Constantly, striding, You can't stop me, bushes
Burnin they must've heard me I'm gettin close yearnin learnin has
Paid off, step In my way I'll set yo soul,


I'm ready, armor, taken, naked, standing to receive your, shot, but I'll
Keep on, spea-king, Kill my, singin, I'll, live, on, you can't kill my, art, you're bout to
Get crushed,
Mashed up, with the
Past junk,
shut the Fuck up yall Gettin me numb
Track Name: Attractive
Is that all you got,
Is that all you got,
This is why they call you god,
Is this the reason why they say you're hot,
Boy I'd like to see your face when you flop,
Boy I'm calling now show me your cards,
I go all in let's see who's cards are hot,
Knew you bluffed, it's how you got to the top,

Wakizashi by my side, you got to see how I'ma slice five
Hundred thousand motherfuckers In a minute with my mind,
I'm about to show you how a true leader of rap gon fight and
Keep yo clips inside yo nine won't Leave a scratch on my backside,
Nah, I ain't tired of life or high of drugs,
It's my own grind from nine to five what keeps me shining light on those by my side,
And rhymes I write are like a wine been ripe in time, now vibes arise in line of sight,
Eyes won't find a fucking thing to criticize,

Why you following,
Homie you can't keep up,
See you're constantly slowing me down,
Don't waste these bars,
Just keep on drinking,
Just keep on paying,
Just don't pretend like I owe you an explanation,
Bitch why you rappin, honestly you're an actor,
Cuz when you spit, I feel like watching a tragedy,
Just keep on smoking,
Just keep on hating,
Cuz when you clench yo teeth you start to look attractive,

Beat like John Williams,
Flow like a curve ball,
Dress like I'm homeless,
Tech like higgs boson,
Food, nah don't need that,
Drinks, gimme plenty,
Smoke, yea pass me some,
Plus my girl sexiest,
So, hoe tell me you ain't feelin this,
Don't compare these bars to Dreezy's shit,
Quote, yo raps feel a bit off the beat,
More on time than this, I call it fiction,
They say that Hip Hop is dead and I should let it happen but truth is that I have been slept on cuz I'm not the rap god now I am awake,
Catching up with a pace that's so fast all you fakes get erased from the game that you bitches claim to be the
Benchmark for,
I am not asking you dicks for a favor, I'm raising my black flag,
Ready for the rap mob, that, I am not sorry, but I think I just accidentally stepped on,
Now bring on your shit, and I give you my word I won't skip,
Just play fast forward,

Track Name: Still Alive
I got my beer in my Bottle, my Bottle on the Table, no
ain't getting any Drunker like I Swallowed a rain Coat,
they say Smoking will get ya Skin old, forehead All wrinkled,
fuck ya Face lift dodge the Base kick or get ya Make up Blown,
get a bit of dope, make yourself at Home, and bro stop Talking shit,
ain't got time For haters' Fables bitches stay Off my Dick,
Push me just a little bit More,
All the way Till my Back at the Wall,
And you gonna regret the Day that we met When your fucking body get Kicked out my front door,
Motherfucker you lucky you still Alive, Could've ended Worse,
Man you Still got your House, your car, your dog plus Wife's giving birth
Why do you want more, . than you can Handle,
Why do you want to sit at the Head of the Table

[Hook 2x]
I Keep on Asking for moooore,
till I end up On the top floor,
See the world down below,
I know I'm Still Alive,

Still complaining Bout, Never seeing any damn Progress, every
Day going through the same Nonsense, and Always waking up So stressed,
Didn't I just grind my Ass off, and Didn't I just pay my Landlord, why am I
Constantly trying to Keep up, no matter what I
Do it's just Never Enough, I should just
End it, Stop giving a Fuck, get drunk, Roll up another blunt, Dare not To give up,
Cuz I gotta little bit of Hope and I'ma never letta Motherfucker get me Down,
Been working so hard, Feet hurting from shards, When dreams Shattered,
Why we lurk in the dark, High above us the stars, We battle in Shadows, so
Don't gimme hating you better Look at me waiting until I Finish and I'ma take all the Time I need, cuz when I
Battle I'ma battle with such. Articulation that the syllables penetrate and Make you bleed,
And in the End all the Scratches I Catch and no Matter how Many bullets I'ma Get yea I
Still will survive, thank God I'm alive, no
Light like Sun when You risk to Die

[Hook 2x]
Just thank God you're still alive
Still Alive,
Thank God you're still alive,
Still Alive,

[Verse Mista Min]
Fallacies, tragedy, enmity between his majesty these galaxies speak their blasphemies,
Yet, I will magnanimously,
change your will and reality
I've seen it all; brutality
so casually, With a tonality
close to normality
No need for formalities,
There was no morality,
Violent mentality, Deadly hospitality
Disagree and face the gravity
Of their congeniality
Greed was their depravity,
their sin in its totality.
Sodomize, deadly dice,
Play your luck come back alive,
Customize your ride and revive
mice from men in stranger forms,
Stacking bricks and pimping whores,
Breaking ribs ain't roasting smores,
they don't teach that anymore,
can't reach your inner core
Removing the puss filled sores,
Cancer in another form
Sweating death from your pours
riding dirty as you soar
Can't find pity behind these doors
Cause it's gritty on these broken floors,
So ignore and go explore the darkest chores
As I implore

[Hook 4x]